Conference Archive

Autumn Conferences

Year Title Venue
2023 Revisiting the Field in Ethnomusicology: Where; Who; How BFE (online)
2022 Digital Arts and Humanities in Ethnomusicology Musée du Quai Branly Jacques Chirac
2021 Ethnomusicology in 2022 and Beyond BFE (online)
2019 Music, Sound, Space and Place: Ethnomusicology and Sound Studies City, University of London

Annual Conferences

Year Title Venue
2023 Music and Movement University of Edinburgh
2022 Ordinary Musicians The Open University
2021 Music, Culture and Nature Online, hosted by Bath Spa University
2019 Collaborative Ethnomusicology University of Aberdeen
2018 Europe and Post-Brexit Ethnomusicologies University of Newcastle
2017 Tradition Today University of Sheffield.
2016 New Currents in Ethnomusicology University of Kent
2015 Border Crossings / Boundary Maintenance Musée de Quai Branly, Paris
2014 Analysis, Cognition and Ethnomusicology BFE and AAWM 2014 Department of Music, SOAS
2013 Ethnomusicology in the Digital Age Queen’s University Belfast
2012 Performance Interactions Durham University
2011 Mediation, Writing and Performance University College Falmouth
2010 Musical Knowledge St. John’s College, Oxford and The Faculty of Music, Oxford University
2009 Music, Culture and Globalisation Liverpool John Moores University
2008 The Art of Music Cardiff University
2007 Between Folk and Popular: The Liminal Spaces of the Vernacular Newcastle University
2006 Sexuality and Gender in Performance, Fieldwork and Representation University of Winchester
2005 Music and Dance Performances: Cross-Cultural Approaches School of Oriental and African Studies, London
2004 Ethnomusicology at Home Elphinstone Institute. University of Aberdeen
2003 The Past in Music University of Wales, Bangor
2002 Music and Emotions University of Edinburgh
2001 Music and Power Department of Performing Arts, Brunel University, London
2000 Fieldwork, Ethnography, Representation University of Sheffield
1998 Work in Progress Corpus Christi College, Cambridge
1997 Diasporas Irish World Music Centre, The University of Limerick
1996 The Listener King Alfred’s College, Winchester
1995 Musicians and Musicianship Durham University
1994 Music Syncretism Department of Social Anthropology, Queen’s University of Belfast
1993 Music and Time Middlesex University
1992 Work in Progress Charlotte Mason College, Ambleside
1991 Music and Healing/ Music and the Media/ Work in Progress Bretton Hall College
1990 Music – Text Relations / Spontaneous Composition, Improvisation and Variation Making/ Ethics in Ethnomusicology SOAS, King’s College London and the Institute of Education
1989 Gamelan and Women as Music Makers University of York
1988 Traditional Methods and Contexts for the Transmission of Music Dartington College of Arts
1987 Vocal Music Durham University
1986 Fieldwork Queen’s University of Belfast
1985 Folk Song and Folklore in the United Kingdom / Acculturation, Syncretism, Hybridization and ‘Pure’ / Work in Progress University of Sheffield
1984 Work in Progress University of Sussex, Brighton
1983 Work in Progress Corpus Christi College, Oxford
1982 Work in Progress Ambleside, University of Cumbria
1981 Work in Progress / Music and Dance of South Asia / Methods for the Analysis of Music and Dance Materials Dartington College of Arts
1980 Work in Progress Newham College and Music School, Cambridge
1979 Work in Progress University of York
1978 Folk and Dance Dumfermline College of Physical Education, Edinburgh
1977 Role of Museums in the Study of Folk Music and Musical Instruments Dyffryn Residential Education Centre
1976 Current research: Problems and Methods Goldsmiths College, University of London
1975 Folk Dance and Music for our Time Keele University

One-day Conferences

Year Title Venue
2020 Ethnomusicology and music enterprise in catastrophic times University of Lincoln (online)
2018 Beyond Memory and Reconciliation: Music, Conflict and Social Manipulation in Post-Conflict Contexts University of Keele
2017 ‘Listening to Difference’: Music and Multiculturalism University of Cambridge
2016 Radio and Ethnomusicology. Historical and Contemporary Perspectives University of Edinburgh and the Museum of Communication, Scotland
2015 Ethnomusicology and Policy Newcastle University
2014 Ethnomusicology and the City City University
2013 Music around the Atlantic Rim Cardiff University
2013 Rethinking Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Towards New Ethical Paradigms in Music and Health Research Goldsmiths, University of London
2012 Making Sound Objects: Cultures of Hearing, Recording, Creating and Circulating University of Oxford
2011 Listening for a Change: Environment, Music, Action Institute of Music Research, Senate House, University of London School of Advanced Studies
2010 The Impact of Ethnomusicology Institute of Music Research, Senate House, University of London School of Advanced Studies
2009 Taking Pleasure Seriously: Theorising Pleasure and Music King's College London (Strand)
2008 Sacred singing and musical spirituality University of Aberdeen
2007 Ethnomusicology and the Culture Industries Goldsmiths, University of London
2006 Music and Travel University of Manchester
2005 Diaspora, Postcolonialism and Performance Middlesex University
2004 Musical Instruments Horniman Museum
2003 The Body in Musical Performance University of Surrey Roehampton
2002 Ethnomusicology and Authenticity Goldsmiths College, University of London
2001 The New (Ethno)musicologies Royal Holloway, University of London
2000 Ethnomusicological Artefact: The Sound Recording International Music section of the British Library National Sound Archive
1999 Changing Soudscapes and Continuity of Ethnomusicology SOAS, University of London (held as part of ESEM 1999)
1998 Music and Meaning The Open University Musics and Cultures Research Group (Open University, Milton Keynes)
1997 Music in the Post-Colonial World The Faculty of Music and Centre for South Asian Studies, University of Edinburgh
1996 Rhythm SOAS, University of London (Centre of Music Studies)
1995 Ethnomusicology and World Music? City University
1994 Music, Performance and Identity King’s College, Cambridge
1993 Music and Gender West London Institute of Higher Education
1992 Relationships Between Music and Dance Goldsmiths College, University of London
1991 Ethnomusicology and Archives Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford
1990 Musical Instruments and Symbolism The Horniman Museum
1989 Technology and Fieldwork. Use and abuse King’s College, Cambridge
1988 Notation as a Tool in Ethnomusicology Goldsmiths College, University of London
1987 Ethnomusicological Approaches to Musical Instruments Pitt Rivers Museum. Oxford
1986 Ethnomusicology and Music Education Music Education Centre, Reading University
1985 Musical Analysis in Ethnomusicology University Music School, Cambridge.
1984 The Revival of Traditional Music in Asia and Africa School of Oriental and African Studies, Centre for Music Studies

Study Days

Year Title Venue
2023 Music, Hope and Reimagining Society: the role of music in thinking around Utopia Queen's University Belfast
2023 Critical Perpsectives on Petrosonics King’s College London/Online
2020 Low End Theories: Understanding Bass Music & Culture University of Bristol
2019 Music, Well-being and Mental Health Hereford College of Arts
2018 Music and the Internet University of Oxford
2017 Filming African Music Bath Spa University
2016 Researching Music: Interviewing, Ethnography, and Oral History Senate House, University of London
2016 Sounding Ethnicity Department of Music, Nottingham University
2015 Mouth Blown and Bellows Blown: Free Reed Instruments in their Social Contexts The Elphinstone Institute, University of Aberdeen, Scotland
2015 Music and Mobilities University of Oxford
2014 Music, Circulation and the Public Sphere University of Manchester
2008 Soundscapes of India: Tradition, Transformation and Topography Horniman Museum
1997 Music Studies and Cultural Difference Open University

BFE/RMA Research Student's Conferences

Year Title Venue
2024 BFE/RMA Research Students’ Conference 2024 Cardiff University
2023 BFE/RMA Research Students’ Conference 2023 Northumbria University
2022 BFE/RMA Research Students’ Conference 2022 School of Society and Culture, University of Plymouth
2021 BFE/RMA Research Students’ Conference 2021 Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge
2020 BFE/RMA Research Students’ Conference 2020 The Open University
2019 BFE/RMA Research Students Conference 2019 University of Sheffield
2018 BFE/RMA Research Students’ Conference 2018 University of Huddersfield
2017 BFE/RMA Research Students’ Conference 2017 Canterbury Christ Church University
2016 BFE/RMA Research Student's Conference 2016 The School of Music at Bangor University

National Graduate Conferences

Year Title Venue
2012 Music, Movement and the Body Institute for Music Research (IMR)
2010 Doing Ethnomusicology: Implications and Applications Institute for Music Research (IMR)
2006 Joint BFE/CRASSH: New Directions in Music Studies University of Cambridge