Analysis, Cognition and Ethnomusicology BFE and AAWM 2014


Annual Conference of the British Forum for Ethnomusicology (BFE 2014)


Third International Conference on Analytical Approaches to World Music (AAWM 2014)



July 1–4, 2014

Hosted by: Department of Music, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London and Institute of Musical Research (IMR), School of Advanced Studies, University of London in association with the Centre for Music and Science (University of Cambridge) and the Society for Music Analysis.

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Description of the conference

Recent conferences on Analytical Approaches to World Music (AAWM) and associated publications (including an on-line journal of the same name, and two volumes of studies edited by Michael Tenzer and John Roeder) have reflected and stimulated a renewed interest in world music by music analysts and theorists, and in musical analysis by ethnomusicologists. They mark a new attempt to explore the panoply of global musical traditions, both past and present, from the broadest possible array of theoretical, cultural, historical and analytical perspectives.

By combining AAWM 2014 and BFE 2014, with the support of the Society for Music Analysis, into a joint conference, we hope to stimulate debate and new insights around questions such as:

  • what can analysts and ethnomusicologists learn from each other?
  • how can ethnography inform or re-focus analysis, and vice versa?
  • how far can the same methods be applied to the analysis and ethnography of different musical traditions and cultures?
  • what analytical perceptions do musicians and theorists of different global traditions offer?

As a bridge between the analytical and ethnomusicological disciplines, papers on relevant aspects of music cognition, including Music and Language, Interaction, and Cross-cultural Psychology, are invited. And as at all BFE conferences, papers on new directions and work in progress in ethnomusicology, unrelated to the theme, are also encouraged.

By bringing together theorists, ethnomusicologists, musicologists, psychologists and performers of diverse cultural and academic orientations, Analysis, Cognition and Ethnomusicology provides a unique interdisciplinary forum for cultivating new modes of musical description and understanding, capable of navigating the vast multicultural soundscape of the twenty-first century.


Keynote speakers:

Prof. Nicholas Cook (University of Cambridge)
Prof. Martin Clayton (University of Durham)
Dr Laudan Nooshin (City University, London)



Conference committee:
Analytical Approaches to World Music
Institute for Musical Research
Society for Music Analysis
Centre for Music and Science, Cambridge
Department of Music, SOAS


Conference dates: 
1 Jul 2014 to 4 Jul 2014
Department of Music, SOAS