BFE Podcast Project

Publishing on ethnomusicological topics beyond the academic ivory tower? The brand new BFE podcast format makes it possible!

Music affects us all: be that because we are active musicians, because we love listening to music or just because it accompanies us through our daily lives. The BFE believes that research on music of the world by researchers from all cultures should be shared with a broad audience - across social, ethnic and geographic boundaries, for each and everyone.

The BFE Podcast Project aims at distributing exciting audio publications on specific topics suggested by our Podcast Team. If you wish to submit a podcast to the BFE, please follow our Podcast Guidelines. Contributions selected by the BFE Podcast Team will be published once a month as part of the Regular Podcast Series and can be streamed on your computers, tablets or smartphones via our SoundCloud player. Please note that in order for your podcast to be published you will need to be a member of BFE.

Podcast Topic 2020/2021: Story of a Song

Songs develop and change over time. Songs accompany us through our lives. Songs can be personal gifts; they travel; they touch us; they activate our memories; they start revolutions. In short: Songs have the potential to change the world.

We encourage you to tell us your story of a song, whether that’s based on personal experience or part of your ethnomusicological research. Do take us on an exciting, emotional and adventurous musical journey. Let us follow the story of your song.

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BFE Student Podcasts

Are you an undergraduate or postgraduate student and would like to publish your podcast? The BFE Student Podcast format is an inclusive platform that allows for a variety of ethnomusicological topics to be explored. Whether this is on a specific musical culture, an instrument, a musician or any other aspect related to music and music-making in society, we encourage you to send us your podcast script. 

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BFE Special Edition Podcasts

In addition to the publically available Regular Podcast Series and BFE Student Podcasts, the BFE will also present Special Edition Podcasts, aimed at providing a rapid response to current issues within the discipline. A call for contributions will be released for each Special Edition Podcast. Special Edition Podcasts will be available for BFE members only and can be accessed via the Members’ Area of the BFE website. Once logged in you will find the Special Edition Podcasts in the Members' Area drop-down menu .

We especially encourage students and young scholars to submit audio contributions!

The following music featured on our BFE Podcast Series jingles are used with kind permission from the artists: