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BFE Membership is open to all interested parties anywhere in the world.

 Membership entitles you to:

Subscription to Ethnomusicology Forum

Membership includes a personal subscription to BFE's peer-reviewed journal Ethnomusicology Forum, which from 2011 is published three times per year and includes at least one special issue each year. It provides an internationally renowned forum for the presentation of new thinking in the field of ethnomusicology, and encompasses the study of all music, including Western art music and popular music. As well as receiving hard copies of the journal in the post, members get prior access to journal articles online and can download PDF versions, which are digitally searchable and can be read on an e-reader. BFE members also receive online access to an additional Routledge music journal as a special benefit.

Preferential Rates at BFE Conferences and Study Days

Each year, the BFE holds a three-day conference as well as a one-day conference on a chosen theme. In addition, we regularly sponsor special study days and offer an annual student conference in conjunction with the Royal Musical Association. BFE members take advantage of preferential rates at these events.

Student Member Benefits

In addition to preferential student rates for BFE conferences and events, students may apply for bursaries to help with the costs of attending the annual three-day conference. Student members who present at that conference are also eligible for the BFE Best Student Paper Prize. As of 2016 the BFE also launched a Fieldwork Grant Scheme open to doctoral candidates who are also BFE members in good standing.

Access to the Membership Section of the BFE website and Voting Rights

Membership provides access to a network of colleagues with shared interests. There will also shortly be an online membership directory, where members can opt to post their details and view the research interests and contact details of other members. Members shape the future direction of the BFE. They have the right to be nominated for, and vote in, Committee elections and to participate in the Annual Business Meeting. 

BFE Book Prize and Book Discounts

Members are eligible to submit books they have published for the BFE Book Prize, which was first awarded in 2014. BFE is a partner with the publisher Ashgate, which entitles members to a 20% discount on all Ashgate books. BFE members can also get a general 20% discount on Routledge books bought through their online checkout.

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 Membership tiers:

When joining or renewing your membership, please check you are set up with the correct membership level according to your current circumstances. Note that there is now an option to pay two years at once. Tiered rates are:

  • Students: £22 (1-year) / £40 (2-years).  Anyone in full-time education or currently without regular income*
  • Regular: £35 (1-year) / £64 (2-years).  Anyone earning a regular salary below the enhanced rate
  • Enhanced: £50 (1-year) / £92 (2-years). Anyone earning a salary above £43k / €50k / $65k
  • Emeritus: £30 (1-year) / £56 (2-years).  Retired members in reduced circumstances.
  • Life: £1,000.  Membership for life.

*Proof of student ID may be required from time to time. Early career members who are unwaged or fractional (un-tenured, part-time, seasonal, and without full time post-doc) may still opt for the 'student' band.

Please note that memberships to BFE run according to calendar years (from 1 January to 31 December each year).

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 How to join or renew:

  • 2018 membership. For new joiners there is a roll-over period of free membership for the remaining weeks of 2017. Meanwhile, if you are already a member in good standing for 2017, we invite you to renew now for 2018. To join or renew BFE Membership for calendar year 2018, please:
  1. Log in to your user account on this website (you will need to first create an account if you don't already have one), then...
  2. Go to the 2018 Membership Form (you will see an 'Access denied' message until you have already created and account and logged in, as per Step 1 above) and...
  3. Select Membership Tier and confirm your details. Please take this opportunity to double-check (and amend/update) your postal address - an accurate postal address is necessary to ensure your posted hard copies of the journal arrive promptly. You can also choose to help sponsor other BFE grants and bursaries (optional).
  4. Follow the subsequent links to make payment. (1) PayPal handles payments using a Debit or Credit Card so you can use the 'PayPal Guest Checkout' and do not necessarily need a permanent PayPal account. You can also commit to paying by (2) bank transfer - if you are a UK-based member this can be preferable, especially if you are making a large payment (e.g. life membership, or including a donation), as there are no processing fees incurred by the BFE. 
  5. Once payment is confirmed the new membership will be activated by our staff and you will receive a confirmation email. When you subsequently re-log in to the website you should notice a 'Members Section' menu to which you will now have access.


  • > 2017 membership. If you still wish to receive journal issues for calendar year 2017, please follow 2018 instructions as above, but use the 2017 Membership Form (fees are at 2017 levels).

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BFE Mailing List:

Please note that by becoming a member, you will not automatically receive the news on the electronic BFE mailing-list. Please sign up here for the BFE email list!

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Thank you for renewing your membership to the BFE. In case of issues concerning membership, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions page, and if this doesn't help please contact:

For 2018 (and 2017) membership:




Prior to calendar year 2017, BFE membership was administered by Routledge (Taylor & Francis), the publisher of Ethnomusicology Forum. For queries relating to earlier membership, or should you wish to still receive print copies of the 2016 editions of the journal, please contact the publisher directly.
Informa UK Limited,
T&F Customer Services
Sheepen Place
Essex CO3 3LP

Email: (

Tel: +44 (0)20 7017 5543 | Fax: +44 (0)20 7017198

Routledge website












In late 2016 the BFE started implementation of a new comprehensive in-house system which now helps fully integrate the running of BFE membership/renewals, the website, mailings, events and conference sign-up etc. The new system is an exciting new phase for the BFE, and we aim to continually improve the experience of being a BFE member. 

Please accept our apologies if you experience any inconveniences during the transition period, and do not hesitate to contact our team.