BFE Student Podcasts

The BFE Student Podcast format is an inclusive platform that allows for a variety of ethnomusicological topics to be explored by undergraduate andor postgraduate students who wish to publish a podcast. Whether this is on a specific musical culture, an instrument, a musician or any other aspect related to music and music-making in society, we encourage you to send us your podcast script.

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Our first student podcast is from Swiss-based sociologist and musicologist José Kress, entitled 'The construction of Thai national identity and how this process is reflected in Thailand’s music':

José Kress is a sociologist and musicologist from Switzerland. After having completed his a Bachelor degree in Sociology in Valencia, Spain, and a Masters degree in Sociology at the University of Bern, he is now completing a second Masters in World Arts and Music at the University of Bern, with a special focus on Cultural Anthropology of Music.

Currently he is employed as a student tutor in the Department of Musicology in Bern and in his leisure time, he produces a German language podcast series called "Du bist, was du hörst“ (you are what you hear). In each episode, he examines a particular music style or instrument, ranging from traditional music or pop to underground beats through a musicological and sociological lens.

Du bist, was du hörst