Annual General Meeting

The BFE holds its Annual General Meeting (also known as the Annual Business Meeting) at the Annual BFE Conference, which is open to all interested parties. During the meeting, the committee determines the following issues:

  • to receive from the Chair a report of the work of the Committee;
  • to receive from the Treasurer a balance sheet and statement of accounts for the preceding year;
  • to appoint an honorary Auditor;
  • to elect members to fill vacancies on the Committee;
  • to decide on any resolutions or items of business submitted to the meeting;
  • to decide on such amendments to the rules as appear necessary;
  • to receive a report from the Journal Editor;
  • to receive a report from the Conference Organiser or Conference Team;
  • to conduct any other business that may occur.

Links to the minutes of past AGMs are available below for those who wish to read up on the goings on of the BFE before attending an AGM, which all interested parties are welcome to do at the annual conference.