BFE Statement of Inclusion

The British Forum for Ethnomusicology:

Statement of Inclusion

As acknowledged by the theme of this year’s annual conference (Collaborative Ethnomusicology-2019), recent years have seen a surge in intolerance, xenophobia, and racism, manifested in public discourse, and a concomitant rise in hate crime. These developments have been met by various actors with committed work to combat bigotry and inequality; to insist that difference is accommodated; to work towards the safety of at-risk groups and persons; and to interrogate the dynamics of representation, and the legacies of colonialism.

In this context, the British Forum for Ethnomusicology affirms its commitment to diverse and inclusive societies, free of discrimination based on gender, sexuality, class, age, ability, ethnicity, religion, or nationality. We wish to publicly acknowledge our ethos of inclusion and commit to making improvements in our conferences, publications, and governance that reflect this ideal. The BFE as a UK subject association will seek to advocate for our members’ rights in pursuing ethnomusicological research and teaching wherever they may be affected by discriminatory laws or policies.


This statement was authored by the BFE Committe and ratified at the BFE Annual General Meeting in Aberdeen, 13th April 2019