BFE Podcast Team

The BFE Podcast Team are:

  • Dr Lea Hagmann (University of Bern), BFE Podcast Project Lead

Lea Hagmann is a lecturer of Cultural Anthropology of Music and the Director of Studies in World Arts and Music at the University of Bern, Switzerland. Having worked as a cultural journalist on the Bernese local radio Radio RaBe (2014-2015) and as a music journalist on the Swiss National Radio Radio SRF2 Kultur (2015-2018), she is interested in alternative ways of publishing ethnomusicological research via audio and film production.

  • Matt Dicken (Bath Spa University), BFE Podcast Producer

Matt Dicken is a final year PhD student and lecturer in ethnomusicology at Bath Spa University. His current research focuses on the Paraguayan polka. As Student Liaison Officer for the BFE, Matt has a strong interest in developing opportunities and visibility for student ethnomusicological research. He also has expertise recording and producing a wide range of musical projects and is a guitar teacher in Bristol.

  • Thomas Graves (Durham University), BFE Podcast Manager

Thomas Graves holds a degree in Popular Music from the University of Kent and a master’s degree in Ethnomusicology from SOAS, University of London. He is currently a PhD candidate at Durham University studying musical emotion and qawwālī. His primary research interests lie in musical emotion, particularly in relation to lyrics, social context, and religion. His approach is multidisciplinary, with the aim of using ethnographic knowledge to inform psychological research in musical emotion, as well as adapting quantitative methods from music psychology to the ethnographic field.

  • Professor Lucy Durán (SOAS, University of London), external advisor

Lucy Durán is Professor of Music in the Department of Music, School of Arts, at SOAS (University of London), specialising in music from West Africa and Cuba. Apart from her academic research and teaching, Lucy has a long career as a radio broadcaster on BBC Radio from 1987-2013, winning a Sony Award for her BBC World Service programmes ‘Latins in the USA’. She was the regular presenter of World Routes, BBC Radio 3’s flagship world music programme, for the duration of its life on air (2000-2013). Her course ‘Presenting World Music on Radio’, which teaches script-writing and presentation skills with a focus on world music, is unique in the UK and was awarded the SOAS Director’s Teaching Prize in 2009.