Ethnomusicology in 2022 and Beyond

Ethnomusicology in 2022 and Beyond

We are delighted to announce the composition of our keynote panel for the conference, who will focus upon issues of decolonisation, privilege, racial (in)justice, and the role of ethnomusicology beyond the academy:

Diljeet Kaur Bhachu (Royal Northern College of Music, UK)

Anna Bull (University of York, UK)

Juliana Catinin (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Julio Mendiěvil (Universität Wien, Austria)

Laudan Nooshin (City, University of London, UK)

This conference will be held online (via Zoom) and registration is free. To register, please see:

Zoom links will be sent to registered participants shortly before the conference.

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Call for papers deadline: 
20 Aug 2021
Conference dates: 
12 Nov 2021 to 13 Nov 2021
BFE (online)
Call for papers: 

12th-13th November 2021 – Online (Zoom)

Call for Contributions

Ethnomusicology in 2022 and Beyond

In a context of increasing political instability, socio-economic inequality, nationalism, and racism – exacerbated by an unprecedented pandemic – this conference explores the place of ethnomusicology within contemporary societies and cultures around the globe, including and beyond academia. While ethnomusicologists have begun to confront the legacies of colonialism and imperialism through applied research, we continue to face numerous challenges, individually and collectively.

This two-day conference seeks to bring together voices from both within and outside our discipline, including those beyond academia, to engage in a critical and constructive conversation about the future of ethnomusicology. We invite submissions that draw on fieldwork and/or other research methodologies, as well as work with a more theoretical focus. Some important questions that we hope to address include:

  • What can our discipline, and we as individuals, learn from the past, both distant and recent?
  • What important lessons has our research taught us?
  • What needs to change within ethnomusicology to make our discipline more relevant, visible, equitable and engaged as we move towards 2022?
  • What might a rehabilitated ethnomusicology look like?
  • How can our discipline be relevant beyond academia?

The programme committee welcomes submissions from any discipline that address one (or more) of the following themes:

  • Decolonising Ethnomusicology
  • Ethnomusicology Beyond the Academy
  • Ethnomusicology and Privilege
  • Ethnomusicology and Racial (In)Justice


We invite proposals for individual papers (20 minutes + 10 minutes questions) and for panels of three related papers (90 minutes in total including questions). Given the nature of the conference, we also welcome proposals for other forms of research dissemination such as podcasts, posters, ethnographic films etc..

Abstracts for individual papers should be no more than 300 words. For panels, send three abstracts of no more than 300 words each, as well as a panel description of no more than 100 words. Abstracts should be sent to

by 5pm on Friday 20th August 2021. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out in September.

Keynote Speaker: TBC

Conference Code of Conduct:

BFE conferences are run in accordance with the BFE/RMA Conference Code of Conduct. By taking part in a BFE conference, you agree to be bound by this code.

Conference Organising Committee:

Dr Lea Hagmann (Universität Bern)

Dr Matthew Machin-Autenrieth (University of Aberdeen)

Dr Fiorella Montero-Diaz (Keele University)

Dr Stephen Wilford [Chair] (University of Cambridge