BFE/RMA Research Student's Conference 2016

BFE/RMA Research Student's Conference

6 to 8 January 2016

The School of Music at Bangor University


Call for papers deadline: 
19 Oct 2015
Conference dates: 
6 Jan 2016 to 8 Jan 2016
The School of Music at Bangor University
Call for papers: 

The School of Music at Bangor University is pleased to host the first joint BFE/RMA Research Students’ Conference from 6 to 8 January 2016. The BFE/RMA Research Students' Conference welcomes all postgraduates, studying in the UK or abroad, to present research in music, musicology, ethnomusicology, composition, performance, and related areas in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. The conference will also include a number of performances, workshops, displays, and research training and career development sessions. Invited speakers include Nanette Nielsen (University of Oslo), 2014 recipient of the RMA’s Jerome Roche Prize.

Founded in 1874, the RMA is dedicated to the study of any kind of music, from history, analysis, and ethnomusicology to studies of perception, reception, and practice-based research. The BFE’s mission is to advance the study, practice, documentation, preservation, and dissemination of traditional music and dance, including folk, popular, classical, urban, and other genres, of all countries. 

The conference website can be found here: and the Welsh version:

Deadline for sending abstracts (Monday 19 Oct).