New book by Bronwen Robertson

Bronwen Robertson has recently published her book, titled “Reverberations of Dissent: Identity and Expression in Iran's Illegal Music Scene” (2012, continuum). It is about the rich youth culture in Iran, centered around rock music and being beneath the ever-changing and unstable political climate of that country. Reaching beyond a social, historical and political overview of music, Bronwen Robertson looks deeper and seeks to decipher how members of the underground scene invent and express different versions of ‘being Iranian’ through the production and distribution of their music. Robertson spent a year undercover in Tehran, conducting research and interviews within this complex and fascinating culture. This illuminating work demonstrates that rock music, a global genre, gains significance as it is performed in a local context, disrupting pre-conceived notions of what it means to be ‘Iranian’. UCLA's Professor Timothy D. Taylor says, "Based on fearless fieldwork in Iran, Bronwen Robertson offers an eye-opening account of music in Iran's illegal music world. This book offers a rich and compelling portrait of courageous musicians in a part of the world that requires such courage." See more here.