Launch of the BFE Podcast Project

We thrilled to officially announce the launch of the BFE Podcast Project, which aims at distributing exciting audio publications on ethnomusicological topics. Music affects us all: be that because we are active musicians, because we love listening to music or just because it accompanies us through our daily lives. The BFE believes that research on music of the world by researchers from all cultures should be shared with a broad audience - across social, ethnic and geographic boundaries, for each and everyone.

There are three podcast formats: 

All of them are presented as (A) sequenced programmes, B) interviews, or C) on location features. Examples for these podcast types can be found here: Podcast Guidelines.

Our podcasts can be streamed on computers, tablets or smartphones via our SoundCloud player.

If you are interested in submitting a podcast, please follow the link to submit a podcast here: this page will provide you with the necessary information including our guidelines on how to create and publish your podcast. Our Podcast Team will be happy to help you at any times: send your queries to

At the up-coming BFE Autumn Conference, there will be a BFE Podcast Panel presented, which is followed by a mini-workshop on how to produce BFE podcasts.

We look forward to hearing, and sharing, your stories!