Herndon Award for David Kaminsky for article published in Ethnomusicology Forum

Congratulations to David Kaminsky whose article, “Gender and Sexuality in the Polska: Swedish Couple Dancing and the Challenge of Egalitarian Flirtation” in Ethnomusicology Forum 20(2), August 2011, pp. 123–52 has been given the Marcia Herndon award for 2012 by the Society for Ethnomusicology. The citation reads: “The Herndon Award Committee identified David Kaminsky’s article as one that demonstrates innovative application of theory and is written convincingly using compelling ethnographic data. It is a critical analysis of the interactions between two forces currently at work in the Swedish polska dance scene: a gender--- neutral pedagogical system and a heteronormative social dance environment.” In recognition of the award, David’s article has been made a free download for a limited period of time. Access it here