An example of bringing students to the "field"

Sydney Hutchinson (Assistant Professor, Syracuse University) designed and taught a new summer course on Dominican music and ethnomusicology in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic from June 3-18, 2012. For two intensive weeks, ten U.S. students and seven Dominican ones participated in daily seminars and practice sessions with local master musicians in the traditional palos and merengue típico genres. They also enjoyed lectures by guest speakers Martha Ellen Davis and Edis Sánchez, as well as field trips to local music clubs and museums, singer Xiomara Fortuna’s ecological ranch, and a hundred-year-old festival put on yearly by the Guillén family, a group of artisans in the town of Yamasá. The course concluded with a collaborative fieldwork project on the San Antonio festival in Cañada Andrés (Cañandré), a village in the southern province of San Cristóbal. Photos, videos, and descriptions written by the students will soon be available on the website of the host institution, Centro León. Plans are to continue the course annually. For more information, contact (Sydney Hutchinson) or SU Abroad.