BFE Student Prize 2012 for Joe Browning

The BFE Student Prize is offered for the best student paper presented at the BFE annual conferences. This year’s prize is awarded to Joe Browning, currently writing up his PhD thesis in ethnomusicology at SOAS, University of London, for his paper "Responsive spaces, vocal places: environmental performance interactions in solo shakuhachi recordings“. The judges were impressed by many aspects his paper and comment the following: “This is a sophisticated paper with a complex argument, squarely located in contemporary debates surrounding listening and the boundaries between ‘high fidelity’ and ‘studio art’. The paper skilfully winds in technology, soundscape and environment, offering a highly original perspective on ‘performance interaction’. Three levels of ‘listening’ presented are carefully explicated and well worked through. The idea that the recordings analysed aim both to control agencies and allow them to speak through is intriguing, and could be the focus of further investigation, particularly with regard to issues of authenticity.” Congratulations, Joe, on this award! 

Joe Browning replied: "It's been very encouraging to receive the BFE student essay prize and has helped to further motivate and direct my research. This only adds to the constructive comments I received after presenting my paper and the stimulating atmosphere of the Durham conference more broadly."