BFE member Friedlind Riedel instigates WAING Research Network

Set up by BFE member Friedlind Riedel, the WAING Research Network aims at promoting transdisciplinary and transnational research in and on music and sound in Myanmar and intends to foster critical discussions among musicians and musicologists, ethnomusicologists, dancers, music historians, sound students, researchers of popular music, music collectors, or sound artists as well as anthropologists, religious scholars, sociologists, journalists, writers, political scientists, or art historians working in Myanmar (including its border regions and satellite communities around the world) with an interest in the sonic and musical.

This network "aims at an inclusive engagement with the audible and vibrational of social and cultural experience, and with it its discourses and practices, politics and atmospheres, institutions and agents, genres and occasions".

Friedlind writes:

On our website you will find information about on-going research and music projects, upcoming events, call for papers, new publications including not yet published theses (Master and PhD) as well as a growing international bibliography of relevant books and articles. Do consider to subscribe to our blog to receive new updates in your inbox right away and follow us on our WAING Facebook page where we share news with you on a more regular basis.