Back from Lisbon: Stefanie Alisch's research on Angolan kuduro

Stefanie Alisch recently completed a two-month stay in Lisbon where she undertook research into the local kuduro scene as part of her PhD project in musicology at the Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies (BIGSAS), Germany. Alisch interviewed DJs who were pivotal in the dissemination of the style in Africa during the mid-1990ies to 2002, visited music studios, attended kuduro events and participated in dance classes. She conducted a number of innovative participatory video interviews with kuduro dancers, in which she danced with practitioners, asked them to demonstrate dance moves, and recorded her attempts to copy the moves. The research trip was funded by BIGSAS.

Image: Nelson Gomes (Príncipe Discos) and DJ Maboku (Pequenos DJs do Gueto) on stage at Noite Príncipe in Lisbon club Musicbox, December 2012