Student/BIPOC Fee Waiver for BFE Annual Conference

On the 19th February 2021, the BFE Committee held an extraordinary meeting to discuss the registration categories for the upcoming annual conference hosted by Bath Spa University (8–11 April 2021). Given the BFE’s previous statements around equality, diversity and inclusion and the changes in the economics of the conference due to the shift to the online platform, we have decided to implement a series of fee waivers for students, low-income scholars and scholars who identify as BIPOC.

A new free registration category has been added to the conference website for ‘students, low income* and BIPOC’. This is open to BFE members and non-members. Please register here:

*Proof of student ID may be required. Early career scholars who are unwaged or fractional (un-tenured, part-time, seasonal, and without full time post-doc) and earning less than £20k (or equivalent overseas) should opt for the ‘Low-Income’ category.

We recognise that this statement has emerged following the opening of registration, for which the Committee apologises. If you think you fall into this category and you have already paid for registration, please do get in contact with us and we can arrange a refund for your registration fee. Please email the BFE Membership Administrator, Raquel Campos, at