Podcast publishing opportunity

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new BFE Podcast Project, which aims at distributing exciting audio publications on specific topics suggested by our Podcast Team. Contributions selected by the BFE Podcast Team will be published once a month as part of a Regular Podcast Series and can be streamed on computers, tablets or smartphones via our SoundCloud player. Please note that in order for your podcast to be published, you will need to be a member of BFE.

Our first Regular Podcast Series topic is 'Story of a Song'. We encourage you to tell us your story of a song, whether that’s based on personal experience or part of your ethnomusicological research. Do take us on an exciting, emotional and adventurous musical journey. Let us follow the story of your song!

Submit a podcast here

With all best wishes,

Lea Hagmann (BFE Outreach Officer) and Matt Dicken (BFE Student Liaison Officer)

Email enquries: podcastsatbfe.org.uk