Link to access BFE 2021 Autumn Conference topic poll

Dear BFE Members,

We are inviting all members of the BFE to vote on the list of proposed sub-topics below, which will form the basis of the conference’s Call for Papers. We invite you to indicate up to four preferred options from this list:

  • Decolonising Ethnomusicology
  • Ethnomusicology Beyond the Academy
  • Ethnomusicological Discourse Beyond the Anglo-American
  • Ethnomusicology and Education
  • Ethnomusicology, Health and Wellbeing
  • Ethnomusicology and the Human Life Cycle: Children, Family, and the Elderly
  • Ethnomusicology and Privilege
  • Ethnomusicology and Racial (In)Justice

You can cast your vote until 11pm on Wednesday 9 June via this link:

We look forward to hearing your opinions and welcoming you to the conference in November.