Call for an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead and Working Group Members

The British Forum for Ethnomusicology (BFE) seeks to form an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Working Group to advise the BFE Committee on improving all aspects of the BFE’s governance, sustaining interaction with the membership, and maintaining safe spaces for scholarly engagement on topics of interest to ethnomusicologists.

Call for EDI Lead

We first seek self-nominations for an EDI Lead to chair the Working Group. To be appointed for an initial two-year term, the EDI Lead will receive an honorarium of £1,000 per annum, with a review of the role after the two-year term.

In consultation with and with support from the BFE Committee, the EDI Lead sets the agenda of the Working Group. Tasks include but are not limited to:

  1. Recommending ways the BFE Committee can implement the ‘EDI and Anti-racist action’ plan distributed to the BFE membership on 27th October 2020
  2. Advising the BFE Committee on a policy for reporting equality concerns raised by members and creating an anonymized and safe reporting mechanism
  3. Proposing guidelines for MA and PhD supervisors on equitable and safe mentorship
  4. Organising workshops for music scholars underrepresented in UK academia on grant capture and professional development
  5. Liaising with the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Music Studies (EDIMS) on events of interest to the BFE membership
  6. Other work fostering a more equitable, diverse and inclusive environment for ethnomusicology in the United Kingdom

The EDI Lead also will produce quarterly reports for the BFE Committee on the activities of the Working Group, identifying policies and practices implemented, as well as suggesting future improvements to BFE policy and governance.

The BFE is committed to ensuring that the Working Group remains a safe space for dialogue and engagement, and we seek an EDI Lead with a keen interest in shaping conversations concerning EDI work within ethnomusicology. In particular, the BFE Committee encourages self-nominations from late-stage PhD students and early career scholars based in the United Kingdom who have training or self-cultivated expertise in identifying structural barriers to equality, diversity and inclusion, as well as formulating anti-racist policy. Candidates who have experience advising and guiding a small team are especially encouraged.

To apply for the EDI Lead role, please send a two-page CV and a 500-word statement detailing (1) how your expertise intersects with the role description and (2) your vision for the work of the Working Group over the next two years. Please send all materials by 28th February to Dr Raquel Campos (

Call for Working Group Members

We also seek self-nominations from ethnomusicologists interested in serving on the Working Group. Members of the Working Group will be expected to work collaboratively with the EDI Lead, craft safe spaces for effective conversations on EDI work, and have a demonstrated commitment to anti-racist approaches to education and scholarship.

To apply for a place on the Working Group, please prepare a 250-word statement detailing how you would like to contribute to EDI and anti-racist work within the BFE and send it by 28th February to Dr Raquel Campos (