BFE Member Awarded Northern Bridge PhD Studentship

BFE member and 2019 BFE Fieldwork Award winner Chrysi Kyratsou has been awarded a 30-month PhD studentship (October 2019 - March 2022) by the Northern Bridge Doctoral Training Partnership (NBDTP). Huge congratulations to Chrysi!

The studentship has been awarded for her research project entitled “Refugees’ musicking: meanings and encounters in Greek reception centres”. This project will be conducted in refugee reception centres in Athens, Greece. It explores the meanings embedded in certain musical practices, as well as the various encounters that may take place within this context. Focusing on musicking, Chrysi explores the ways that refugees’ aesthetic agencies are informed by their shifting backgrounds in which they live and how they shape their sociality. The project aims to provide insights in the refugees’ interactions and shaping relationships around various forms of musicking with refugees of different cultural background, as well as between them and people from the host society (present and active in reception centres, as volunteers, teachers, etc.), and figure out the potential for multiple inclusions that participation in musicking may entail. We look forward very much to hearing more about Chrysi's research in the future!