BFE Member Awarded FAPESP Postdoctoral Fellowship

BFE Member Evanthia Patsiaoura has been awarded a two-year Postdoctoral Research Fellowship by the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP). In addition, Evanthia has been awarded a grant by the same institution for an eight-month research internship with the University of Manchester. Both grants are awarded for her multi-sited research project, entitled 'Musicking in the Spirit: worship, community and the making of locality among Nigerian Pentecostals in the diaspora'. We offer huge congratulations to Evanthia for her success!

This project employs multi-sited ethnographic fieldwork across Nigerian Pentecostal communities in Brazil, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, and social media platforms to understand ways in which local musicking informs the global circulation of popular religious movements. The research focuses on practices, experiences and perceptions of religious music-making to address broader issues of translocality, evangelism, identity and home-making in contemporary diasporas. Evanthia's research project is part of the FAPESP-funded Thematic Project 'Local musicking: new pathways for ethnomusicology', with Suzel Ana Reily as PI and Flávia Camargo Toni and Rose Satiko Hikiji as Co-PIs. A link to the Thematic Project description can be found on the FAPESP website