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The British Forum for Ethnomusicology (BFE) aims to advance the study of musical life in its full richness and diversity.

We provide a forum for engaging in debate and sharing the findings of research through our many conferences and study days and through the publication of our journal Ethnomusicology Forum, in association with Routledge.

We offer awards to recognize outstanding scholarship, including the BFE Book Prize and grants and prizes for student members.

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Thursday evening reception at the 2017 BFE Annual Conference in Sheffield (photo by Kate Walker)


British Forum for Ethnomusicology News

BFE Fieldwork Grants

The British Forum for Ethnomusicology (BFE) is pleased to announce the opening of the 2017 Fieldwork Grant scheme.

Purpose of the Grants

The BFE Fieldwork Grants are intended to support doctoral candidates conducting ethnomusicological field research in the UK and abroad through making a contribution towards the costs of travel and subsistence. Up to 3 grants collectively totalling up to £1500 will be awarded for the 2017 scheme.


The BFE Fieldwork Grants scheme is open to all students enrolled on a PhD programme at a university in the UK who are conducting ethnomusicological research. Please note that applicants must have renewed their student membership for 2017 in order to be eligible to apply. If you have not renewed your membership yet then please do so on the bfe website. Only one application per person is permitted and fieldwork must start during 2017.


The criteria of evaluation are: the quality, originality and significance of the research and its potential contribution to ethnomusicological knowledge, theory and debate; the feasibility and importance of the fieldwork for achieving the stated research aims and outcomes; the need of the applicant, i.e. the likelihood of the applicant being unable to obtain fieldwork funding from other sources. There is no preference for particular geographical areas or topics.

Application Procedure

Applications must be made online through the BFE website. To make an application, go to BFE Fieldwork Grants Scheme page on the BFE website. There you will find a link to the BFE Fieldwork Grant Application Form where you will need to upload the following materials:

  1. A letter addressing the grant criteria. The letter should also provide a clear indication of: the fieldwork schedule; the expected costs; the amount of funding requested from the BFE scheme; and other sources of research funding received and/or applied for. The letter must not exceed 2 pages in length.
  2. A short CV, not exceeding 1 page in length.
  3. A short reference letter, not exceeding 1 page in length, in support of the application from the applicant’s PhD supervisor. Supervisors may wish to send their reference letter by email directly to the Chair at chairatbfe.org.uk before the deadline (i.e.  end of Friday 18 November).

Please note that in order to access the online BFE Fieldwork Grant Application Form you must have renewed your membership for 2017 and be logged-in to your account on the BFE website. If you have any difficulties with the online submission please email Morgan Davies at adminatbfe.org.uk

Application Deadline and Decision Notification

Applications must be submitted by email by the end of Friday 18 November 2016. Applications will be evaluated by a BFE panel and applicants will be informed of the outcome of the awards by Monday 12 December 2016. The decision of the panel is final, and the BFE regrets that it is unable to provide feedback on applications and decisions made by the panel.

Payment of Grants for Successful Applications

Successful applicants must liaise with the BFE Treasurer (bfetreasureratgmail.com) before grants are disbursed. Payment will be made via bank transfer.

Post-Award Reports

Successful applicants are requested to submit a short fieldwork report – up to 500 words in length, accompanied by other media materials if appropriate – within 3 months after the completion of the fieldwork. Fieldwork reports are likely to be made public on the BFE website, social media etc. Grant awardees may also be requested to do a short presentation about their fieldwork at BFE meetings such as the AGM. Any publications resulting from the fieldwork should acknowledge receipt of a BFE Fieldwork Grant.  


Barley Norton

Chair, BFE




Following the recent call for nominations to the BFE Committee, Fiorella Montero-Diaz (Keele University) and Simon McKerrell (Newcastle University) were nominated for election. Two vacancies on the Committee became available due to Amanda Villepastour and Noel Lobley stepping down, so the Committee is delighted to announce that both Fiorella and Simon are deemed to have been elected to the committee for 3-year terms.

Both Fiorella and Simon have agreed to take on new roles on the Committee. Fiorella will be the Development and Strategy Officer, helping the BFE to grow by designing strategies to boost membership and by promoting dialogue and events, which bring together the diverse BFE membership. Simon will be the External Relations Officer, with responsibility for collaborating with other institutions, and for promoting ethnomusicology and the BFE across the British Isles and Ireland.

In addition, Jonathan Stock, the Ethnomusicology Forum Representative has also stepped down from the Committee. The new EF Representative on the Committee is the incoming co-editor of Ethnomusicology Forum, Shzr Ee Tan (Royal Holloway).

A warm welcome to the new members of the Committee, Fiorella, Simon and Shzr Ee, and sincere thanks to the outgoing committee members, Amanda, Jonathan and Noel. Amanda worked tirelessly for the BFE before, during and after her tenure as Chair; Jonathan has made an important contribution to the Committee while also being co-editor of Ethnomusicology Forum; and Noel has done a great deal for the Committee over many years, especially in relation to BFE conferences and study days. Thanks again to you all for your service to the BFE.

Finally, I’m extremely pleased to announce that Morgan Davies has been appointed as the new BFE Administrator. As well as working for the BFE, Morgan is a sāraṅgī performer and recently submitted his PhD thesis on Western Rajasthani folk music. Morgan replaces Fiorella, who did an incredible job. During her tenure as the Administrator for nearly 3 years, Fiorella was the driving force behind many significant developments for the BFE. So, many thanks to Fiorella and welcome to the BFE team Morgan.

Barley Norton

Chair, BFE

October 2016



Dear BFE members,

The British Forum for Ethnomusicology seeks nominations for election to BFE Committee.

We are looking for a committed committee member who will make an important contribution to the running of the BFE. A specific role for the new committee member will be agreed by the Committee after the election is completed.

In order to stand for election you must be nominated by a BFE member (other than yourself) and your nomination must also be seconded by a second BFE member.

Responsibilities includes:

  • attending 2-3 BFE Committee meetings each year;
  • engaging actively in Committee business
  • contributing to BFE strategies and initiatives
  • staying in email contact with the Committee;
  • take on a specific role (as required) on the Committee

If you wish to stand you must send a proposal of no more than a single side of A4, which will be forwarded to the BFE membership prior to voting, and includes:

  • Your name
  • Your current position
  • The names of two BFE members, one who has agreed to nominate you and one who has agreed to second the nomination.
  • A statement outlining why you think you are suitable for being a member of the BFE Committee, highlighting relevant skills and experience that you have.

Nominations must be sent by email to the BFE Chair, Barley Norton chairatbfe.org.uk by the end of Monday 3 October 2016.

Online voting will take place from Monday 10 October to Monday 17 October and results will be announced after the online voting is completed.

Barley Norton

Chair, British Forum for Ethnomusicology





Ethnomusicology Forum is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Shzr Ee Tan as incoming co-editor. Shzr Ee is a Senior Lecturer and Director of Postgraduate Taught Programmes in the Music Department of Royal Holloway, University of London. She is interested in music, gender, politics and im/migration, particularly in scenes of the Sinophone world, Southeast Asia and London.

Shzr Ee will begin work in October 2016 and take up the role fully from January 2017 replacing Professor Jonathan Stock who steps down after three years as co-editor. Our sincerest thanks go to Jonathan for all the work he has done for the journal. From January 2017 the editorial team will be Abigail Wood and Shzr Ee Tan as co-editors with Lonán Ó Briain as reviews editor.

Please continue to send in your articles for publication in Ethnomusicology Forum. Guidelines for the submission of articles can be found at http://www.tandfonline.com/action/authorSubmission?journalCode=remf20&page=instructions#.VbZk-fm6fIU. Articles should be submitted via ScholarOne at https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/remf.

Barley Norton

Chair, British Forum for Ethnomusicology



The BFE committee invites applications for a new co-editor for Ethnomusicology Forum (EF).


Role of Co-editor

EF is the academic journal of the BFE, published by Taylor & Francis. Each yearly volume has 3 issues, of which at least one is a Special Issue with a specific focus, curated by a guest editor. Each issue has around 168 pages and contains 5-7 articles plus a range of reviews. For the BFE, this output is produced and managed by two co-editors, a Reviews editor and an administrative assistant. There is an International Advisory Board with 24 members who offer advice to the editors and are kept informed of developments in EF.

The editorial appointment is normally for a period of at least 3 years and may be extended by mutual consent and is unpaid. Working with the current co-editor, Abigail Wood, and liaising with the reviews editor (Lonán Ó Briain) and Editorial Assistant (Emma Brinkhurst), the new co-editor will share the workload of reading submissions, proposing reviewers, advising guest editors and producing fully edited copy according to the designated house style for online submission to T&F. The journal is currently in a strong condition, and we anticipate new development over the years ahead as the relationship between print and online publishing evolves and issues of Open Access are addressed. The typical workload is the equivalent of 6–10 hours per week throughout the year. There is some degree of flexibility about the timing of work but also copy and production deadlines that need to be met in order to maintain academic credibility. The role will commence from October 2016 and will have a handover period until the end of 2016 as the current co-editor, Jonathan Stock, completes his term of office.


Skills and attributes required by the co-editor:

·         High standard of written English and the ability to edit consistently to house style.

·         Engagement with the academic community in ethnomusicology worldwide, with knowledge of current issues and the ability to identify future possibilities.

·         Ability to offer considered advice in support of authors to improve the academic standard and communication of their writing and to make decisions about the acceptability of submissions for the aims and scope of EF.

·         Ability to work online using MSWord and other software to comment, edit, insert symbols and diacriticals in Unicode, format and submit work.

·         Good interpersonal skills in communicating with authors, reviewers, the Advisory Board and T&F staff.


Expressions of interest for the above role are invited. If you are interested in the role, you are encouraged to informally contact either of the current co-editors Abigail Wood (avigail.woodatgmail.com) and Jonathan Stock (J.Stockatucc.ie).

Formal letters of application should be sent by email to B.Nortonatgold.ac.uk by 27 June, 2016. Your letter should state why you are interested in the role, and your relevant skills and experience. It should of course also contain your contact details.  

We aim to make a decision as soon as possible and may wish to arrange interviews with candidates by telephone or Skype.


Barley Norton

Chair, British Forum for Ethnomusicology